Myrtlewood 6x10-12x23 Rare Black Myrtle Quarter Sawn

Myrtlewood 6x10-12x23 Rare Black Myrtle Quarter Sawn

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Beautiful Black Myrtle Quarter Sawn
Musical Instrument Grade
Partially air dried since 2008.
Sprayed w lacquer to show grain and seal ends
3/8"x5" saw mark on one side and 1"x9" Natural dark crevasse another side.
Natural Bark edge on one side left for natural edge woodturning.

Should make 3-4 Natural top vases or vessels. Or a couple of large bowls Or resaw into bookmatched panels or musical instrument sets.

Note: some wood may contain small checks, bark pockets and/or beetle holes. All checks have been sealed with super glue. A few more checks may develop during shipping. We recommend inspecting your wood sealing any new checks with thin cyanoacrylate. All wood has been freeze treated to -30°F for at least 5 days to kill any beetles. Bark pockets are natural features and are not considered defects. Store in a cool dry spot and keep out of direct sunlight.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Item Type Wood
Artist Grown in Oregon
Wood Myrtlewood
Length 23"
Width 10"-12"
Height 6 1/4"