Greek Lettered Fish Carving

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Greek Lettered Fish Carving

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Myrtlewood Carving

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    A greek lettered fish; handcrafted by Ernie Besler out of Oregon Myrtlewood.

    This fish is an ancient symbol for the Savior.
    The Greek word for fish IXOYE (pronounce "IKTHUS") formed a "rebus" with the following meaning: Jesus Christ God's Son Savior.
    Early Christians drew the symbol on the door-posts of their homes, on the walls of catacombs, and generally used it as a means of identifying themselves as those who belonged to the Lord.

    A clear semi-gloss finish lets the wood shine through.
    The wide array of colors and grain patterns insure that, though similar, no two fish will be exactly alike.
    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    ALU EB15
    Item Type Carving
    Artist Ernie Besler
    Wood Myrtlewood
    Short Description Myrtlewood Carving
    Width 9 1/2"
    Height 4"
    Depth 3"