$120-$165 per night
2 night minimum

Availability and Booking

You can check availability or book online at your favorite booking site. The links for the Cottage availability and booking can be found on the Cottage page. The links to the Cabin availability and booking can be found on the Cabin page.

Check In

Check in between 3-5 PM at The Myrtlewood Gallery, 1125 Highway 101, Reedsport, OR 97467. (located on 101 in Reedsport across from the 76). Please be sure to call if you will be arriving late.


Guest agrees that no more than 6 persons at the Cottage or no more than 4 persons at the Cabin shall occupy the Property during the Rental

No Unauthorized guests

If you wish to have a few people over to dinner that's OK just let us know. Large unauthorized parties are not allowed.


The Cabin is no pets allowed. However, the Cottage now welcomes well behaved a pet with a pet fee.
Please let us know if you are bringing a pet. We have special sofa covers for when we have pet guests. Guest agrees to not leave any pets unattended at any time and of course to pick up any pet mess.

No Smoking in either House or on the Cabin Porch or in the woods.

There is a comfortable smoking area out on the concrete porch at the Cottage or on the concrete deck at the Cabin.
We request that all cigarettes, cigars and matches be disposed of in a fireproof receptacle. Guests who disregard to this policy are subject to a substantial fee.

No Fireworks

Our home is in the middle of the woods so Forest Fire Prevention is a top priority and guest responsibility as well. No Open Fires especially during fire season.


Guests will find our home cleaned and ready on arrival. We entrust our guests to "Leave it the way you found it".


Please let us know how many vehicles to expect.


We have a 10' wide bridge with a difficult approach. If pulling a trailer Please use caution!! Especially watch your right trailer tire arriving and watch your left trailer tire when departing. We recommend going slow and swing wide at the corners


For a 50% refund, Please let us know at least 30 days prior to your check in date. Unfortunately other potential guests may have already booked elsewhere. Alternatively we can give you credit for a future stay.

If you have any questions send us a message or give us a call.